Thursday, November 29, 2012



Good morning, everybody! (^_^)

Today, I would like to share something which is very special! As I mentioned earlier, I will graduate from my university next year, InsyaAllah. And, last 2 days, I got an invitation card to the Annual Grand Dinner SCIENCESS 2012. It is especially held by my juniors to celebrate the graduating students (we, the seniors). At first, I don't have any intention to go because I don't want to think about the dress to wear to the occasion. But, some of my friends want to and I also think that this is the only chance to have a "Grand Dinner" with my friends... 

Then, suddenly, I saw this in Facebook.... A Sharing is Caring Giveaway by Muslimah Shoppers!!! 

Just share this picture and stand a chance to win any 3pcs maxi dress of YOUR CHOICE in our Ready Stock Maxi Dress album for FREE.

AWESOME!!!! I found that the dresses look so great & gorgeous.... It is suitable for Muslimah who still want to look trendy without uncovering their aurah! 

To join this so-called "contest", I just have to share this to the world. I really put some effort on this because I really have a heart to win!  I really like the middle one, 1954. If I have that one, I will surely go to the dinner... *wink*

p/s: I hope, the admin of Muslimah Shoppers will consider me as a winner....I like that 1954!! I only want that lovely one....hehe ;) 

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