Sunday, September 30, 2012

My L.I.F.E


~Wake me up when September ends~

Today is the last day of September again. Yesterday, I was 'awakened' by my beloved Abah. Thank you so much, Abah! I know, my life would be so meaningless and useless without your support. Alhamdulilah, this year I'm 23. Still fresh, young and wild. *peace*

Abah reminds me about L.I.F.E...

This year, I am a final year student, graduating from IIUM Kuantan Campus. Bachelor of Biomedical Science in Environmental Health concentration.

Next year, I will be, what's next?

~Live life to the fullest!~

I also wonder what is actually my ambition?

What do I want to do in my life?

Actually, my mission is quite simple. I just want to be happy. I want to feel good. I want to be a good woman.

Let me share my story, a short story about my life, a history.

I was born in 1989. I am the first daughter, the sweetheart of my parents. I grew up with much and lots of love from my father and mother. I am so happy and grateful.

Then, in 1995, I started to go to school. Alhamdulilah, I did well in my early education. I was a smart little girl. I got high marks in exams and became among the best students in my school. The memories that I cannot forget during my primary school:
  • Became a member of Tunas Puteri (very proud to be one)
  • Went for educational visits to Petrosains and Pusat Sains Negara in Kuala Lumpur and Melaka (it was very exciting!)
  • Went for Tunas Puteri camping in Kuantan (challenging but interesting)
  • Went for Kem Pintar in Kuantan (i still remember the theme song ~kami anak yg pintar~ - had opportunity to ride on a 'kereta kebal' and helicopters for the first time)
  • Acted as a fairy in Talent Competition in Kuala Lumpur representing Pahang (really fun!!) 
  • Acted as Tengku Ampuan Afzan in Wacana Diraja representing my school, SKTL (i was quite shy but i got talent)
  • Joined Choral Speaking team (Chim Chimney & Cinderella) for 2 years representing my school, SKTL (happy to be with my friends)
  • Performed Story Telling (Rasullullah and His Wives, The Nightingale & Pak Pandir) in school level and zone level (i enjoyed memorizing the story & 'poet'-ing - pantun, syair, sajak)
In 2001, I sat for UPSR examination. I got 5As and I had the opportunity to study in a boarding school in Batu Pahat, Johor, which is the MARA Junior Science College Batu Pahat. It was the first time I am away from my parents. The memories that I cannot forget during my lower secondary school
  • Represented my college as a story teller for Minggu Bahasa/Language Week in MRSM Mersing (it was unexpected but unfortunately I lost due to lack of preparation and practice)
  • Learned Silat (cannot remember the steps well now)
  • Performed a musical drama (Nirmala) as a princess together with all the girls in my batch (i love to move with melody)
  • Became a member of Pandu Puteri (i really love to)
  • Became the vice president of English Club (but I was not fluent in speaking English and not confident at all)
  • Had a great study group for PMR (Hazim, Aimi, Atikah, Farid and one more friend - they helped me a lot and I owed them)
  • Became a classmate to Syuja'uddin b. Ismail, the son of the actor, Ismail Din for 3 years. (this is not that important)
  • Suffered from Dengue Fever (it was very painful, I was very weak)
In 2004, I got 8As in my PMR examination. I was planning to study in MRSM Bitara maybe in Jasin, Melaka but unfortunately, I was not that excellent and I had to continue my journey in Batu Pahat. I learned many things throughout the 5 years living far away from home. There were good times and bad times but I treasured them all. I had many nice friends and teachers who are willing to help me and support me during all those times. It was so great experience.
  • Went for a camping of Pandu Puteri & Renjer Puteri in MRSM Muar (I took quite a long time to wash the chicken to be cooked -no experience in cooking before)
  • Went for a camping and jungle-tracking at Endau-Rompin with my homeroommates (we cooked and played well -oh, I almost fall into the jungle and lost!)
  • Celebrated Hari Raya in Batu Pahat with Johor style - 'marhaban' from a house to another house (my teachers' houses)
  • Celebrated Maulidur Rasul (selawat around the college)
  • Affected with a strange skin problem due to exposure to sunlight when selling food on a Graduation Day (luckily it was nothing serious and recovered after some time)
  • Experienced cross-country run in 'Ladang Kelapa Sawit' (sometimes, the track was slippery)
  • Again, infected with Dengue (it was seriously emotional)
  • Became a secretary for Food Bureau (food and me is related)
After school (2007), I was chosen to join Program Latihan Khidmat Negara (PLKN). I was proud to be there and it was another great experience. There were a lot of new things that I learned about life. I made many new friends from different races - Malay, Chinese, Indian and Orang Asli. (Before that, I only had Malay friends)

After that, I had my first working experience. I worked at a stationery shop in my residential area, Temerloh Jaya. My employer was a Chinese and I worked with an Indian. We were different races with different religions, different ages. However, we can respect each other. My employer really understands that Muslim is obliged to pray 5 times a day. He let me go to pray when it's time to pray. I worked from 9 a.m to 7 p.m everyday except Sunday. On Sunday, I had to work at night until the shop closes. I only had one day off which was Tuesday, I think. Basically my job was to do photocopy, to serve the customers, to make sure the shop was clean, to 'top up' the stocks, to put the price tag, to report to the boss if there is anything out of the stock. Sometimes, my boss also talked about life, future, business, skills that I needed in order to be successful. Even though sometimes he is quite mean but he is also kind to me. Maybe because he trusted me? He shared with me that he had many problems with his workers before me, but I'm not like anyone before. That was his compliment about me. Of course, I'm happy to hear that. How much I get for working with him for about 3 months? It's only about RM800 but enough for me as my pocket money when I further my study in the university. 

To shorten the story, I was admitted into International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM). Actually, it was my 7th choice out of 8 in my UPU application. It was not science-based course at first. I went into the Taaruf Week in The Center of Foundation Studies, IIUM in Petaling Jaya as an economic student. Then, I applied to change course to Biological Science and the application was accepted. Alhamdulilah. So, I was studying what I studied before - Biology, Chemistry, Physics & Mathematics. I had the basics and I scored quite well in my foundation studies. After less than 2 years, I finished my study at the CFS with a satisfying CGPA. Alhamdulilah.

In 2009, I started my Degree studies in Biomedical Science at IIUM Kuantan Campus. There were also many exciting experience and events that change my worldview and my perspective of life, but maybe I share about that in details next time.

Actually, Abah said to me yesterday that,
"We only live for 3 days in this world. Yesterday ~ Today ~ Tomorrow".
Yesterday is our past and it has become our history. We cannot change it but we can learn something from the past. Today is our present, we should make sure that it is better than yesterday and do some preparation for tomorrow. Tomorrow is a secret. We don't know what will happen but we always have hope and dreams. I think, with that hope and dreams with prayers to Allah and our own effort, insyaAllah tomorrow would be the best day for us. =) 

~Work as if we were living forever but pray as if we were dying tomorrow~

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