Monday, August 06, 2012

Life is ridiculous!

"Life is ridiculous!" - said by me.

Why? Because sometimes, what happen is not logic. We never thought that it would happen. We never want it to happen. But, it still does. 

Now, I am experiencing something which is very unpredictable and makes me think that life is so ridiculous. Yes, as a Muslim, I understand that whatever happen in my life has been determined by Allah. It it His plan and His wills. Even if we are planning on something, but if Allah say, "Kun Fayakun", whatever He want it to happen will happen. That's why, we have to pray and ask from Allah if we want something or we want to do something, as He is The Greatest Planner. 

Ya Allah, I'm leaving everything on You. Please show me the correct way. Please save me from "fitnah" in this world. 
Wa tawakkulan 'alaih...

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